EV Cars

Q. What is an electric car?

A. An electric vehicle (or EV) has no combustion engine like petrol and diesel models. It uses electrical energy stored in a rechargeable battery to drive the vehicle electrical motor(s). The MG ZS EV is an electric vehicle with a large capacity underfloor battery and a front 105kW motor.

Q. What are the benefits of electric cars?

A. The most notable benefit of electric cars is that they have vastly improved energy consumption and do not contribute to air pollution. Electric cars also benefit from the convenience of home charging and a number of Government incentives to own.

Q. What are the disadvantages of electric cars?

A. The main disadvantage of electric cars is that they have a shorter range than petrol or diesel models. However, most daily driving and average commute distances are well within the range of the MG ZS EV, which can range up to 163 miles from a single charge. Charge stations are also becoming commonplace, with high power chargers charging the MG ZS EV up to 80% in just 40 minutes.

Driving Experience

Q. What does it feel like to drive an electric vehicle?

A. Driving an electric car is very similar to driving a conventional car, but without the noisy petrol or diesel engine. Without any transmission, the MG ZS EV is very smooth to drive with instant and effortless response to throttle and braking inputs. The instant torque delivery of an electric motor also gives strong and seamless acceleration.

Q. What is regenerative braking?

A. During acceleration and constant speed driving, the electric motors consume energy from the battery. When slowing down or braking, the motor then acts like a generator and feeds electrical energy back to the battery. This partly recharges the battery to maximize the vehicle's range. The MG ZS EV has three levels of regeneration, so that drivers can choose the battery recharging they would like.

Q. How does the MG ZS EV handling compare to a conventional vehicle?

A. Compared to other electric models, the MG ZS EV has the battery mounted underfloor, low and centrally to improve handling and weight distribution. The centre of gravity is also lower in an MG ZS EV which gives improved handling in all dynamic situations.

Q. Sometimes a pumping noise can be heard when applying the brakes. What is this noise?

A. This is entirely normal. Because there is no petrol or diesel engine, the brake vacuum assistance needs to be provided by a separate electrical pump. The noise is simply the pump working to assist the brakes. Because MG ZS EV is a very quiet electric vehicle, it means that the pump can be heard more easily.

Q. Sometimes an external droning noise can be heard when driving the vehicle. What is this noise?

A. This is completely normal. Due to regulations for electric vehicles, the MG ZS EV is required to be fitted with an exterior noise generator. This is because at low speeds the MG ZS EV is very quiet, and the noise generator is used to warn pedestrians and cyclists.

Q. Does the MG ZS EV have the “one pedal driving” feature?

A. Yes. The MG ZS EV on the highest KERS mode uses regenerative braking to drive with just the throttle pedal in most situations, allowing for smooth acceleration and slowing. It is, however, the responsibility of the driver to use the brakes where needed.


Q. Are electric vehicles safe?

A. Electric vehicles are subject to the same active and passive safety regulations and ENCAP protocols as conventional petrol and diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles are also required to meet extra regulated safety standards for high voltage systems. MG ZS EV, like all MG’s, is engineered and developed to meet all regulations and stringent global safety standards. Furthermore, MG ZS EV is equipped with state-of-the-art MG Pilot, which includes a range of advanced and autonomous features to assist the driver and keep all occupants safer whilst on the road.

Q. What happens if the vehicle is caught in a flood?

A. The MG ZS EV has a fully sealed high voltage battery and electrical system, rated to the highest levels of protection against water. The car is approved to ISIP67 water and dust protection

Q. Can I charge an MG ZS EV outdoors in the rain?

A. Yes, there is no risk to people near the charger or the vehicle itself. The charging system and cables are all tested to ensure they can be used in the rain.


Q. How do you charge an electric car?

A. Electrical cars are charged by connecting a cable with plugs between a charger and the charge socket on the vehicle. This can be done either at a public charging station or at home using a home charger or by using simple 3-pin 13A plug charger (like that supplied with MG ZS EV).

Q. How long does it take to fully recharge the MG ZS EV?

A. This will depend on what charger is used and how much charge is needed. For a 50kW DC charger at a public charging station it takes approximately 40 minutes to achieve 80% charge from zero. For a 7kW AC installed home charger or 22kW AC public charger it takes approximately 7 hours. For 13A home charger with domestic plug supplied it takes approximately 20 hours.

Q. What equipment do I need to charge an MG ZS EV?

A. MG ZS EV comes with a 13A home charger with domestic plug. To improve home charging speed, you will need to invest in a 7kW AC single phase home charger / wall box. The recommended home charger for MG ZS EV is the ROLEC 32A 7kW Type 2. To use public charging stations, you may need a charge-card specific to the provider and charging station type.

Q. Can I charge my electric car at any public charging station?

A. The MG ZS EV can be charged at any UK charging station, if there is a compatible connector and as long as you have an account with the charge point provider. There are some public charging stations owned by specific manufacturers; these can only be used by vehicles from that manufacturer.

Q. Does MG ZS EV come equipped with a Type 2 cable?

A. Yes, MG ZS EV comes equipped with a 13A charger with domestic plug and type 2 connector for the vehicle connection.

Q. What types of charger cable will the MG ZS EV accept?

A. MG ZS EV supports both Type 2 connector (for slow and fast charging) and CCS connector (for rapid charging).

Q. Does the home charger come tethered or untethered?

A. Home chargers can generally come as tethered (they have the cable to connect to the vehicle) or untethered (they need a separate cable) – it is up to the customer to specify the type the require.

Q. Is there a timed charging feature on MG ZS EV?

A. No, there is no timed charge feature on MG ZS EV.

Q. Which companies provide home charger installations?

A. There are a variety of companies that can provide home charger installations. MG recommends the ROLEC 32A 7kW Type 2 home charger as the most suitable for MG ZS EV. It is always recommended that you use a OLEV approved home charger and installer as this will then allow for application for a government grant to cover the costs of the charger and installation.

Q. Is a home charger included in the price of the vehicle?

A. No, home chargers need to be purchased separately, but if you select an OLEV approved charger than you can apply for a government grant.

Q. How much does it cost to charge an MG ZS EV?

A. The price of electricity changes due to market influences. If you multiply the rate £/kWh by the capacity of the MG ZS EV battery (44.5kWh) this will give the cost of a single full re-charge. Based on home charging, recharging MG ZS EV would be less than half the cost of refilling a petrol car for an equivalent range. Read more about electric vehicle charging in our guide.

Q. Is the vehicle and charge cable protected from theft during charging?

A. During charging the vehicle can be locked to protect against theft. Also, as part of the charging process, the charge cable is interlocked to the car so it cannot be removed by anyone other than the customer.

Q. Why can you only rapid charge the MG ZS EV to 80% and not to 100%?

A. Charging rate is limited by Li-Ion battery chemistry, the first 80 percent can be done quickly. The MG ZS EV battery management system (BMS) controls the rate of the last 20% charge to fully charge the battery.

Q. How can you find electric car charging stations?

A. The locations of charging stations are available in the Satellite Navigation system of MG ZS EV, although this would need regular online updates to keep it accurate. Alternatively, there are a number of third-party applications that can be downloaded to on smartphone devices which are regularly updated with latest charging stations, charging station type and location. There are also applications from the charging companies themselves which can also provide live status information about charging stations such as Status, Location, Type, Online, Offline, In use etc.

Savings & Government grants

Q. What is the Government Plug In Car Grant?

A. This is a government grant provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for qualifying low emissions cars. MG ZS EV is fully approved by OLEV as a qualifying car and therefore will be awarded a subsidy from the government towards the OTR price of the vehicle. The dealer or retailer should apply for the Plug-In-Car-Grant directly on your behalf should you consider buying an MG ZS EV.

Q. How much will an electric car save you?

A. An electric vehicle is significantly cheaper to run than a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle, areas of saving include energy and fuel costs, maintenance and servicing costs and congestion charging reduction.

Q. How does MG ZS EV compare to other electric vehicles?

A. MG ZS EV is the most cost-effective electric vehicle on sale in the UK market, providing genuine EV performance and range, packed with all the latest modern features at significantly lower price than other electric vehicles.

Specifications & features

Q. Without an engine, how does the MG ZS EV warm the interior?

A. The MG ZS EV is equipped with a heating and ventilation system like conventional vehicles, however this is powered by electrical energy rather than taking heat from the engine.

Q. Does the MG ZS EV have battery warming/cooling?

A. The MG ZS EV is equipped with liquid cooling to keep the battery to the optimised temperature for best performance and range. During charging, the battery will be set to warm to an optimal temperature, so that even on cold days the battery performance will be optimised. During operation, it is natural for an EV battery to warm up, the liquid cooling will effectively cool the battery to optimise performance.

Q. Does the MG ZS EV have cabin pre-warming/cooling?

A. No, MG ZS EV is not equipped with pre-warming/cooling. However, the heating and ventilation system will be able to provide the required temperature to the cabin very soon after starting.

Q. Is MG ZS EV equipped with a heat pump?

A. No MG ZS EV is equipped with a standard heating and ventilation unit. Energy to heat or cool the cabin is provided electrically.

Q. Does the MGZS EV have a towing limit?

A. MG ZS EV is not designed or developed for towing.

Performance & range

Q. What is the range of an MG ZS EV?

A. The MG ZS EV has a range of 163 miles (263 km) on the WLTP Combined cycle from a single charge and a range of 231 miles (372 km) on the City Driving Cycle from a single charge.

Q. Does the outside temperature affect the range of an electric vehicle?

A. Yes, as the outside temperature reduces, this will slightly reduce the vehicle range.

Q. What factors affect the range of an Electric Vehicle?

A. Driving at higher speeds will reduce range. Driving at urban/city speeds is better for maximising range. Using vehicle systems such as the climate control and heated screen will draw energy from the battery and will therefore reduce range. Cold outside temperatures will also reduce range.

Q. If the battery runs out of charge, what will happen to the car?

A. Like a petrol or diesel vehicle, the car will eventually stop if the tank runs out of fuel, so an electric vehicle will stop if the battery runs out of charge. In the unlikely event this happens, with MG ZS EV you can call for AA Roadside Assistance (included for the first year) to help get you to the nearest charging station. However, the MG ZS EV provides information to the driver about predicted range and also provides increasing warning levels as the charge in the battery gets low.

Q. Will the MG ZS EV have enough range for my journey?

A. For many people the MG ZS EV will have sufficient range (163 miles on WLTP cycle) for their journey. Based on average daily driving distance surveys for UK, the MG ZS EV has enough range to cover a week of driving on only one or two battery recharges. For longer journeys, planning using rapid charge stations for top ups on the way can increase total journey distance.

Maintenance & warranty

Q. Is the MG ZS EV battery covered under the MG 7 year warranty?

A. Yes, the battery is covered under the MG 7 year warranty.

Q. Are electric vehicles more difficult to maintain?

A. No, in electric vehicles there are significantly fewer moving parts and systems, so maintaining them is easier and less expensive.

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