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Below is a selection of recent work that we have carried out to show you the variety of damage that we repair on a daily basis.

All of this work has been carried out WITHOUT paint or filler and no we did not start with an undamaged car as we have been asked a few times! šŸ™‚

Paintless dent removal durham RENAULT MEGANE group_s

A challenging large dent removed paintlessly in around one and a half hours by Dent Removal Durham, this saved the owner from needing to replace the tailgate and having it painted at a much higher cost. Paintless dent removal at its very best! This was a 100% repair and the customer was very happy.

Paintless dent removal durham FORD FUSION Group_s

This Ford Fusion belongs to a customer of ours who has all of his cars serviced with us. He was living with this nasty dent which he thought was caused by a heavy kick because he did not want the cost of painting the tailgate or making an insurance claim. This repair was carried out in approximately one hour and when Mr O’Neil collected his car the next day he was amazed that you could not see that it was ever damaged.

Paintless dent removal durham VW GOLF group_s

A common sort of dent we encounter, car park dent usually caused by another car being opened against it. This was repaired by paintless dent removal without paint or filler at our Bosch Car Service Centre near Nevilles Cross in Durham. This repair by Dent Removal Durham took just over one hour and was carried out while the customer waited. It was just starting to become dark which is why both ‘after’ pictures are slightly blue.

Paintless dent removal durham SKODA FABIA ESTATE VRS group_s

A couple of different repairs! Both carried out by Dent Removal Durham in under 1 hour. The owner of the Skoda Fabia Estate car came in for a price to replace and paint her rear bumper and was over the moon with the repair that we were able to carry out without painting. The technique of paintless dent removal can also be used on plastic panels like the rear bumper shown here. The Skoda VRS paintless dent removal was on the drivers back door, a traditional ‘door ding’ that we have all seen many times cause by a door being opened on another door in a car parking space. This car had only 1900 miles on the clock and the owner wanted the car to be original so asked us to fix it without painting. This dent was the size of a golf ball but was repaired in 20 minutes and the satisfied customer left with his factory paintwork intact!

Paintless dent removal durham FORD FOCUS KIA PICANTO group_s

Both these dents are quite impressive! The Ford Focus was sorted outĀ  while the customer waited and avoided an insurance claim for them, there was a few small blemishes at the bottom of the bumper where it was pushed around the chassis but IĀ amĀ sure that you will agree that paintless dent repair was a success here. The owner of the Kia Picanto had to leave it with us as the large football sized dent on the rear quarter was challenging. This tricky one was still fixed by Dent Removal Durham in a couple of hours.

Paintless dent removal durham VAUXHALL ZAFIRA PEUGEOT 307 group_s

Vauxhall Zafira was driven into by another car, this was fixed in 40 minutes while the customer waited. The Peugeot 307 with the tailgate dent was actually in for the day being serviced and we were asked to see if we could repair it while it was in. Not a problem as our technician is on-site at our Bosch Car Service Centre just outside Durham City. This was fixed to our customers satisfaction when the servicing work was finished.

Paintless dent removal durham MERCEDES BENZ E320CDi group_s

Now this was a really difficult one. The car was left with us all day but was a complete success, a great example of paintless dent repair at its best, avoiding a large bodyshop charge and keeping a car with 100% of its original paint with no filler.

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